Amy Berger, MS, CNS discusses Thyroid Hormones and Low-Carb Diets

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Check out the latest Low Carb Conferences podcast as Dr. Jeffry Gerber interviews Amy Berger, MS, CNS who will be speaking at Low Carb Denver 2023, Feb 23-26, health & nutrition conference. Register here for discount tickets to the conference.

In this podcast we discuss: Optimizing Thyroid Hormones for Better Results on Low-Carb Diets

Amy is a US Air Force Veteran and has a master’s degree in human nutrition and also is a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She is an author, writer, speaker, nutrition consultant and active on her blog and social media. For the past 15 years she has developed an interest in low carb and keto diets both personally and professionally using these nutritional approaches with her clients to address health and medical conditions.

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Buy your fall discount ticket now to attend the conference either in-person or virtually. The conference is open to the general public and a wide array of healthcare and non-healthcare professionals, researchers, scientists, policymakers, and health and fitness enthusiasts. CME and CPE are available to healthcare professionals both in-person and virtually.

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Now in our 6th year. Our theme: Where is Nutrition Headed? We have a lineup of over 30 speakers, meet and greet, VIP/ Speaker/ Audience dinner, large expo space for exhibitors and sponsors and more. There’s nothing quite like attending in-person to learn and exchange ideas with others equally passionate about nutrition, fitness and health. Virtual attendance also. Our virtual app called Who-va will provide an immersive experience for everyone registered.

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