Catherine Seo, PhD

Dr. Catherine Seo, PhD is the Founder & CEO of Lipedema Simplified, LLC and the Lipedema Project. She is also the producer and director of the documentary The Disease They Call FAT. When confronted with almost certain immobility and complications from misdiagnosed lipedema, Dr. Seo traveled the world interviewing patients, doctors, surgeons, and experts and developed the film from her findings. She holds a doctorate in Media Psychology. Her research has been focused on empowering women who experience distortions of body image represented in the media by applying self-compassion and other meditation techniques.

As a professor and academic, her research is focused on understanding and representing the voices of lipedema ladies who experience the distortions of body image as well as anti-fat bias in healthcare and in our culture.  Dr. Seo is a co-author in the recent publication in Medical Hypotheses/Elsevier, Ketogenic Diet as a Potential Intervention for Lipedema, examines the scientific evidence of the effectiveness of adopting a Ketogenic Diet by patients to alleviate clinical features associated with lipedema, including excessive and disproportionate lower-body fat deposition, pain, and reduction in quality of life (QoL).

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