Exhibitor Dorian Greenow discuses: Ketone & Glucose blood testing Technology, Education & Continuous Remote Care


Check out the latest Low Carb Conferences podcast as Dr. Jeffry Gerber interviews Dorian Greenow from Keto-Mojo who will be exhibiting at Low Carb Denver 2023, Feb 23-26, health & nutrition conference. The general public, healthcare and non-healthcare professionals are all invited. 18+ CME and CPE credit hours. Register here for discount tickets to the event. Attend in-person or virtually and support nutrition science.

In this podcast we discuss: Ketone & Glucose blood testing Technology, Education & Continuous Remote Care

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Dorian was on a personal health journey back in 2015 suffering from poor health, overweight and metabolic syndrome. He and his wife Gemma discovered the ketogenic lifestyle and along with monitoring blood glucose and ketones Dorian lost 47 lbs. He came off medications and was rejuvenated with a new outlook on life. He was however frustrated because blood ketone testing was very expensive and solely controlled by the huge bio-tech industry that was not interested in supporting the low carb and keto community.

Dorian was determined to bring about change. With persistence and fortitude Dorian lanced Keto-Mojo back in 2017 and achieved his goal… to reduce the cost of blood ketone testing by 75% along with inexpensive glucose testing. The product has been cost effective and widely available to the nutrition minded community. The company and testing methods continue to evolve, adding more features while at reduced costs to the consumer. Dorian & Gemma have a strong sense of community. They attend and participate globally in numerous events as exhibitors and provide educational content through presentations.

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