Keto Mojo

How It Can Help You On Your Keto Journey

   Every journey to optimal health begins somewhere. Mine began as I was reclining on a sun lounger in Mexico and realized that I could balance a bottle of beer on my protruding belly. Having ballooned to over 207 lbs., I felt constantly tired, was on anti-depressants and had nearly all the markers for metabolic syndrome. I had completely lost my mojo.

   After much research, it became evident that the Ketogenic lifestyle was a path to measurable success. My wife, Gemma, and I started a lazy clean ketogenic diet and within six months I had lost 47 lbs. I came off all medications and finally felt like I was getting my mojo back. The ketogenic lifestyle changed my life so I wanted to give back and help “be the change.”

   Our goal became to make the ketogenic lifestyle accessible, approachable, and enjoyable to the millions of people around the world that could benefit from it. But paying it forward wasn’t easy. Measuring blood ketones was an essential tool in achieving our success with a keto lifestyle, but it was an expensive one. Ketone strips were produced by a few big players in the bio-tech industry. Limited competition meant prices would stay high, and out of reach for many.

   This was an industry that needed to be disrupted. After many months and countless doors being firmly closed in my face, I found a manufacturing partner and we worked to create an FDA approved meter and testing strips that were more accurate and affordable than any others on the market.

   We launched Keto-Mojo in fall 2017, offering the first and only affordable, accurate blood ketone and glucose testing meter with a lifetime guarantee and .99¢ testing strips. Sidestepping big-pharma pricing and brick-and-mortar distribution, our products are sold directly to you, offering superior testing accuracy, unbeatable prices, and kick-ass customer service.

   We were quickly embraced by influencers and educators in the ketogenic community. When we lost our house in the 2017 Napa Valley wildfires, we doubled down, and put everything we had into Keto-Mojo…including our life savings and insurance money.

   Now we are thinking even bigger. Our goal is not only to sell a meter. It’s to spread keto news, information, tools, and understanding, so that people can make changes that will allow them to live longer, fuller – healthier lives.

   To help us do that, we built a team of equally passionate people—a team that will help us bring optimal health to people and the planet through a ketogenic lifestyle. We believe Keto-Mojo can help manifest a healthier humankind by changing the way we shop and eat, which will lead to changes in health policy and ultimately influence farming practices.

   We’re expanding our offerings to include a wealth of reliable information on how to optimize the ketogenic lifestyle and we’re getting involved with keto communities around the world.

   We thank the community that has embraced us so quickly and we want you to know that we’re here to help you put the mojo back in your life.

Keto on my friends,

Mister and Misses Mojo
Aka Dorian & Gemma

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