LCD20 Online Live Stream - Test

RECORDED LIVE STREAM VIEWING HAS NOW ENDED. Post-production recordings are now available and more will continue to be published throughout the year. ONLINE LIVE STREAM can be viewed here. The conference runs March 8 through March 10. Live stream will also be recorded and available to view for 4 weeks following the event. You must purchase live stream in order to gain access. Details are provided via email once purchase is complete. For conference attendees Live Stream access is already included. When watching live you can click on the Live Stream icon in the video window and CHAT with others. See a Timestamp of the Live Stream below. Here are the presentation slides: https://denversdietdoctor.com/low-carb-denver-2019-slides/ 35 session including presentations, a panel discussion, Q&A and five minute of fame. For healthcare professionals, CME is only available if you attend in person. Please note: the audio is slightly out of sync on some recordings.
Low Carb Denver 2019 Online Live Stream
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