Low Carb Denver – CME Learning Objectives

  • To address the latest science, research, evidence and clinical approaches relating to prevention, diet, lifestyle and health
  • To understand the metabolic and hormonal pathways regulating energy balance, food intake, hunger and weight. Why all macronutrients are not created equal
  • To review the evidence and recommendations past and present in support, or not of the current dietary guidelines
  • How to clinically address chronic metabolic diseases including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and aging using whole foods diets including Low Carb, Ketogenic, Paleo & Primal that compliment standard medical therapies. A comparison to more standard dietary approaches
  • To understand the role of inflammation in chronic disease
  • To learn about diet and health as it relates to athletic performance
  • Clinical and non-clinical topics will have a direct bearing on patient care, a direct bearing on the healthcare professional’s ability to deliver patient care, and/or support the healthcare professional’s role in patient care
  • Topics that are not necessarily evidence based but considered neither dangerous nor ineffective can be discussed. These presentations will be balanced (provide risks and benefits) and informational. Hypotheses, mechanisms and non-clinical research topics will include discussions relevant to patient care