Sponsor Todd White discusses: Wine Curation, Ingredients and the evolution of Dry Farm Wines

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Check out the latest Low Carb Conferences podcast as Dr. Jeffry Gerber interviews Todd White from Dry Farm Wines, a distinguished sponsor of Low Carb Denver 2023, Feb 23-26, health & nutrition conference. Register here for discount tickets to the evet. Attend in-person or virtually and support nutrition science.

In this podcast we discuss: Wine Curation, Ingredients and the evolution of Dry Farm Wines

Todd White is an entrepreneur and launched Dry Farm Wines in 2015. It has now become one of the world’s premier natural wine merchants and distributors. Todd’s always had a passion for wine but in 2015 became fanatical about what he put in his body. He wanted to increase his longevity, improve his quality of life, have better memory, better sleep, and elevated performance. Through this journey he discovered Low Carb, Keto and Intermittent Fasting and wondered how alcohol and wine consumption would fit into this new lifestyle. Initially focused on sugar content, a friend suggested sugar free organic natural wine selections from Europe and for Todd this was the turning point to develop Dry Farm Wines. From Dry Farming to a careful vetting process for each grower and each wine, laboratory testing and independent certification from the Enologist (one who oversees the chemistry and biology of wine production), every bottle is farmed organically, grown without irrigation, and fermented with wild non GMO native yeasts.

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