Bret Scher, MD discusses new position as Director of Metabolic Mind and Baszucki Philanthropy

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Check out the latest Low Carb Conferences podcast as Dr. Jeffry Gerber interviews Bret Scher, MD who will be speaking at Low Carb Denver 2023, Feb 23-26, health & nutrition conference. Register here for discount tickets to the conference. Attend in-person or virtually.

In this podcast we discuss: Dr. Scher’s new position as Director of Metabolic Mind, Mental Health, Targeted Keto Research and Baszucki Group Philanthropy.

Bret is a board certified preventive cardiologist and lipidologist who truly understands the benefits of proper diet and lifestyle. He still sees patients, is a lecturer, podcaster, business owner and has served as the medical director of Diet Doctor. Bret will be stepping down from his position at Diet Doctor but will remain on the advisory board.

Bret just accepted a new position as director of a non-profit organization called Metabolic Mind that funds nutrition research and education, addressing brain health and mental health. The organization was founded by the Baszucki Brain Research Fund, part of the Baszucki Group, a philanthropy, that invests in innovative science and technologies. They’ve already provided millions of dollars towards research through grants and will continue to do so with Bret as their director. Bret is truly multi-talented.

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