Cory Jenks, PharmD, Emcee

Cory Jenks earned his doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of South Carolina in 2011. Since then, he has practiced as a retail pharmacist, outpatient clinical pharmacist, and inpatient clinical pharmacist. His current practice is as an ambulatory care clinical pharmacy specialist, where he applies his passion for lifestyle interventions in the management of chronic disease.

In addition to his career as a pharmacist, Cory is also an accomplished improv comedian, having started on his comedy journey in 2013. Since then, Cory has coached, taught, and performed improv for thousands of people. Today, Cory travels around the country speaking and teaching other healthcare professionals how to apply the valuable skills of improv comedy to create a more adaptable, empathetic, and humanizing healthcare experience.

Cory lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife, Cassie, their two children, and ten chickens. When he’s not caring for patients or making people laugh, Cory enjoys harvesting rainwater, playing racquetball, basketball, and golf, and exploring the science of disease management through lifestyle. Cory is currently working on his master’s degree in “Dad Jokes” with the help of his two sons.