Bret Scher, MD

Preventive Cardiologist

Bret Scher, MD is a board certified preventive cardiologist and lipidologist who truly understands the benefits of proper diet and lifestyle. He still sees patients, is a lecturer, podcaster, business owner and has served as the medical director of Diet Doctor. Bret has stepped down from his position at Diet Doctor but will remain on the advisory board.

Bret recently became the director of Metabolic Mind™, a nonprofit initiative launched by Baszucki Group earlier this year. Metabolic Mind™ will be a platform where people can find evidence, information and support about the use of metabolic interventions for serious mental illness. Baszucki Group, a philanthropic enterprise, is working to transform mental health outcomes, beginning with bipolar disorder, by supporting initiatives at the intersection of metabolism, psychiatry and neuroscience. Their existing grant program includes clinical and mechanistic trials investigating metabolic therapy treatments in serious mental illness. They are lucky to have Bret leading Metabolic Mind™ – he is truly multi-talented.