Layne Norton, PhD

PhD Nutritional Science

Layne Norton, PhD a self-proclaimed nerd who lifts heavy things, completed his BS in Biochemistry with honors from Eckerd College in 2004 and a PhD in Nutritional Sciences with honors from the University of Illinois in 2010. His competitive athletic career highlights include two USA Powerlifting National titles (93kg weight class), 2015 Arnold Classic Champion (93kg), and an overall silver medal at the 2015 IPF World Championships (93kg). At the 2015 World Championships he also won a gold medal in the squat, setting a world record (at the time) of 303 kg/668 lbs., breaking the previous record by 3kg. He attained natural bodybuilding pro status in 2006 and won the 2010 IFPA Pro International (heavyweight) and finished top 5 in the world championships.

As an innovator in the fitness industry, Layne helped popularize flexible dieting and online nutrition coaching/contest prep. From 2005 – 2018 he worked with over 1700 clients and over 500 competitors, with over 70 of them attaining pro status.

Since moving away from online coaching, Layne has focused on writing books (Fat Loss Forever, The Complete Contest Prep Guide, The Complete Reverse Dieting Guide), developing Carbon Diet Coach, a nutritional coaching app, and creating certification courses offered through the Clean Health Institute. In 2016 Layne co-founded and launched the Biolayne Workout Builder subscription platform which offers over 50 workout programs for subscribers to choose from, with more being added monthly. More recently, he launched Outwork Nutrition, an evidence-based supplement company. His passion is helping others achieve their goals through education and hard work!