David Diamond, PhD

David Diamond, PhD received his degree in Biology in 1985 from the University of California, Irvine, with a specialization in neuroscience. He recently retired as a career scientist in the Department of Veterans Affairs after 30 years of service and is currently a Professor in the Department of Psychology, Cognitive, Neural and Social Science Division, at the University of South Florida. Dr. Diamond has been funded by the VA, NIH, DoD, NSF and pharmaceutical companies in his neuroscience research, with over 150 publications, reviews and book chapters. In the past decade, Dr. Diamond has expanded his research program to address controversial issues involving cardiovascular disease and nutrition. Dr. Diamond has delivered lectures on-line with over a million views addressing how the public and healthcare providers have been misinformed about the risk of elevated levels of serum cholesterol and the appearance of substantial benefits of statins, which lower cholesterol.